The Hotel Hacienda Merida and Fundacion Ometepe

Fundacion Ometepe Hacienda Merida provides funds for Fundacion Ometepe, a certified non-profit organization. By channeling the profits from Hacienda Merida to the Foundation, the non-profit avoids administration costs required to organize fundraising. Both are headed by Alvaro Molina. Hacienda Merida and Foundacion Ometepe are thus intimately linked in the projects listed below

To avoid administration costs, we raise funds to continue our projects largely through emails and internet. If you are interested in any particular projects and want to contribute, there are Donate buttons for each one and opportunities to get involved in some cases.

Abstract of Monkey Research Findings
Mantled howler monkeys research abstract
The Role of Field Schools and Private Reserves in the Ethical Training of Primatologists