Experimenta un día relajante visitando The Mineral Springs (Water Eye)

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The Ojo de Agua is two pools mi-natural and mi-artificial. In fact, the source of water is natural, the pools are made with cement and rocks, and the bottom is mostly sandy. But do not imagine municipal pool. The place kept its tropical look with the trees all around and even in the water. Moreover, the water is refreshing! There is a Tarzan rope where you can swing in the water.

To get there

The ojo de agua is located on the road between the two volcanos, roughly 2 km after San Domingo. From the entrance where you have to pay $5.00 per person, there is around 1km walk to get to the pools.

Byking: At the Hacienda Merida you can rent mountain bikes and it takes around 1h to get to the Ojo de Agua by bike. The road is rocky and sandy in some places. At one point, the best way to go is by the beach, riding on the wet sand. In any cases, it is going to be HOT! Bring water.

Walking: You can also walk there. The only difference is that it is going to take you 3h approximately instead of one.

By Bus: the third option is to go by bus. Make sure to check the schedule and time your way back with the bus. In that case, ask the driver to drop you at the entrance to El Ojo de Agua.

By Taxi: Ask at the front desk to call one. It is the faster but the most expensive choice. The cost is $20 one way. The cost of waiting is $7.00 per hour.

What to expect

The place can be quiet and relaxing or noisy with a lot of kids jumping all around. It is hard to know before being there. But for sure, the place is visited by the locals during the weekends. But in all cases, the swim is worth the time to get there, it’s nice and as mentioned previously, REFRESHING!

To bring with you

  • Bathing suit
  • Sun screen
  • Water
  • Money ($3.00 entrance fee)
  • Choose your shoes depending on the way you plan to get there.
  • Snacks…always fun to have something to eat out there