Maderas National Park Crater Lake at 1400 meters of elevation 2012


Hacienda Mérida is an accessible hotel.


We have made the commitment and investment to allow everyone to enjoy the beauties of Ometepe and to participate in our mission for sustainable and responsible living. The restaurant/sitting area has ramped access as do the rooms on the second floor (even if you are not staying up here, the view of the lake is beautiful and it's a great place to read). For the day visitor or dorm user, there is a communal bathroom, shower, and sink designed for easy wheelchair use.


The buffet is available 80% of the time; it is not always feasible during the low season of Late September to Early November. The options on our a la carte menu are available year round.

Beef consumption is one of the leading causes for rainforest destruction, resource depletion, global warming, world hunger, human disease, animal suffering and many other compelling reasons. Sorry there is not beef in our menu.

Breakfast Buffet at Hacienda Mérida

The breakfast at Hotel Hacienda Mérida is second to none for value and healthy filling food. At 7:00 AM you will hear the bell ring telling you that the breakfast buffet is awaiting you. Grab yourself a plate and pile on variety of delicious foods. There is a selection of tropical fruits including pineapple, watermelon, orange, papaya and banana, as well as wholemeal pancakes with honey to get you started. For those of you who want more of a Latino flavor for your breakfast fill your plate with rice and beans, and Spanish tortilla made with fresh vegetables and eggs. Don't miss the fresh homemade granola bread. And of course, there's coffee (with or without milk).

The perfect breakfast for a day of adventure!

Dinner Buffet at Hacienda Mérida

In variety, quality and value, Hacienda Mérida's dinner buffet is unmatched in Nicaragua. This time the bell rings at 7:00 PM to tell you that the buffet is ready. Again, grab yourself a plate and a fresh fruit-juice or tea, and help yourself to the wide selection of delicious dishes. No Latino meals would be complete without a huge helping of "painted rooster": rice and red beans. If you get tired of rice and beans, just help yourself to the pasta (lasagna or cannelloni) and homemade sauce. There is always a fish dish made with the catch of the day. The soup is served steaming hot and full of fresh vegetables. Finish it off with fried plantain and salad and of course don't forget our famous bread, which is great dipped into the garlic-loaded humous. And remember, it's a buffet: if you are still hungry after all of that, you can have it all again.

Breakfast buffet costs just US$6.50 and dinner buffet is US$9.00.


A healthy diet is filled with variety, few processed foods, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Our buffet offers just this. Although many people go to a buffet with an "all you can eat" mentality, our buffet is structured to provide variety for our guests; this is not to say you can't get a large second helping (especially after a long day of hiking) but that our aim is to offer healthy living options. We also offer a largely vegetarian buffet (with vegetables from our garden) to promote sustainable development and healthy behavioral changes; we do offer fish, chicken, and pork for the meat-eaters, but this is not the focus of the meal. We also choose our ingredients carefully. For instance, the whole grains in our bread and our brown rice are the unrefined versions of white flour and white rice; this means they retain more nutrients, fiber, and good unsaturated oils than their processed counterparts. Our food is not merely nutritious and good fuel for your days of hiking, biking, and kayaking: you'll find that it is also delicious.