Special Projects Volunteer

Want to work in the shadow of a volcano on the largest island-in-a-lake in the world? Come to Hacienda Merida! We have projects available even when Ometepe Bilingual School is not in session. If you choose to volunteer during an academic break, come ready to work on more administrative projects. We are looking for self-directed people who can work independently without supervision. Special projects volunteers work approximately 30 to 40h/week or some combination of the following: School-related projects Examples include fundraising, volunteer orientation documents, marketing of volunteer opportunities, social media updates, etc. Non-school related projects Examples include recycling efforts, conservation education, editing/writing of English-language documents, etc. Outside of the school year, classroom opportunities are limited. Ometepe Bilingual School follows the Nicaraguan academic calendar with classes beginning in February and ending in early December. We are on summer break for most of December and all of January. We also break for one week at Semana Santa (Easter) and two weeks in July. Whatever your work assignment, you can look forward to a fun, rewarding experience at Ometepe Bilingual School. Ometepe is a beautiful place and you will find many great opportunities for recreation in your free-time.

Work as part of Hacienda Merida and Ometepe Bilingual School administration team.
Come eager to work, share your expertise, use your talents, and learn!

Your qualifications and the needs of Hacienda Merida and Ometepe Bilingual School will determine your special project assignments.

Qualifications and skills we need over the course of a year include:

  • Marketing and social media
  • Photography and videography
  • Grants research, fundraising, and donor relationship management
  • Writing,editing, and translation
  • Recycling and conservation education
  • Data entry 

Skills: teaching, work with children, marketing / outreach strategy, fundraising / grant writing, environmental issues / renewable energy, photography / filmmaking, business consulting / entrepreneurship, information technology / web consulting, journalism, microfinance, sanitation / waste management, translation

Timeframe: Jan-Dec
Location: Hacienda Merida
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