Hacienda Mérida is an accessible hotel.


We have made the commitment and investment to allow everyone to enjoy the beauties of Ometepe and to participate in our mission for sustainable and responsible living. The restaurant/sitting area has ramped access as do the rooms on the second floor (even if you are not staying up here, the view of the lake is beautiful and it's a great place to read). For the day visitor or dorm user, there is a communal bathroom, shower, and sink designed for easy wheelchair use.

Fiberglass Signs

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We are in the process of making 3D, high-relief fiberglass signs that have short slogans and simple pictures that discourage poaching, capturing animals for the pet trade, and harassing the wild animals. These signs aim to raise awareness in the local community.  They are double sided, with one side displaying the issues and the other side identifying Hacienda Merida.

How We Make Them:
We use experienced woodworkers to teach kids in the community how to make these signs; they are paid for their work. The process involves carving wooden molds of each letter or image, sanding it, polishing it, and waxing it so that the fiberglass will not stick to it. Once the mold is ready, the fiber and resin are applied and left to set. The pieces are arranged and lastly colorfully painted. The result is a durable sign that will withstand wind and rain.
If you want to contribute to this project, we welcome donations. If you are interested in a certain issue – poaching sea turtles, capturing birds for pets, or general conservation of wild animals – we will use your donation to make signs for the issue you specify. You can also choose where you want us to put the signs up.

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