Howler’s Journey Storybook

"Howler’s Journey" is the touching tale of Howler, the howling monkey, who faces the problems caused by a forest shrinking around her on the Isla de Ometepe in Nicaragua. When she comes of age, she must journey to find a new troop of monkeys with which to live; however, her treed path is blocked by roads and farms. The animals she meets along the way help her to understand why the forest has become divided. After many trials, Howler is safe, but we are left wondering what we can do to make sure humans and animals coexist peacefully in the future. 

Written in both English and Spanish, "Howler’s Journey" is a useful tool for learning another language and an enjoyable read for everyone. It vividly depicts Ometepe with colorful images and descriptions of various wildlife species. Its message is suitable for all ages, as it raises awareness about key environmental issues and gives the reader insight into the intimate relationships between animals and humans.

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