The Zamora Teran Foundation

The Zamora Teran Foundation (, is a not-for
profit corporate organization dedicated to the execution of OLPC (One
Laptop Per Child) in this country. On February 29th 2012, 5000, yes
five thousand laptops, will be deliver at the baseball stadium in
Altagracia. From the south side of the island, 1500 kids will be
traveling form the Maderas National Park and 3500 will be arriving
from Concepcion in the north. The logistical challenge to pull this
off is hard to imagine especially considering the road conditions on
the south side of Maderas Volcano.
No child will be left without a laptop. All of the 32 elementary
schools covering the two volcanoes will be wired up with high speed

Internet by AMNET, a local fiber optics internet cable provider. 

Stay tune for the picture with 5000 kids holding their machines at the same time and at the same location.