Veterinary trip to Ometepe

The 2009 3rd Annual IVSA Nicaragua trip is made up of 18 highly motivated Veterinary students from Oregon State’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Our group is planning and funding the trip completely independently of the college or any other large organization.

We will be traveling to Ometepe Island, Nicaragua, this September for a series of wellness and castration clinics, with an additional focus on public health education. The program will include seven days of clinics consisting of physical exams, de-worming, vaccinations, client education, spays, neuters, and minor treatment procedures. This year we will expand our large animal clinic services for more horses, pigs, and cattle. We will continue to give care to the island's dogs. Post- surgical rechecks are done on all of our surgical patients before we pack up and head home.

How can you help?

You can help by sponsoring the care of a Nicaraguan dog. For $20 dollars, we send you a photo and story about the animal that was in our care including a description of the type of care provided for the animal. You would be sent this information in December of 2009, just in time to make a great Christmas present gift for any dog lover. Of course, if you would prefer to adopt a Nicaraguan horse, cow, or hog on someone’s behalf (or your own) then that is also possible!