Second Howler Predation report

In April of 2007, a report was filed by Melissa Raguet-Schofield, regarding the predation of two howler monkeys by dogs near the town of Merida on the Isla de Ometepe.  More recently, on May 29, 2009 six dogs were observed to kill an adult howler monkey on the public road next to a forest patch about 1.5 kilometers north of San Ramon, Maderas Volcano, Ometepe Island

This is the second documented attack of a howler monkey by domestic dogs in two years, although we suspect several others.  In the present case, the dogs were attempting to consume the howler monkey's body, and fled when approached by the human observer.  The monkey had been killed only moments earlier, as the body was still warm and not yet rigid.

As reported by Melissa Raguet-Schofield, dogs are a persistent threat to howler monkeys on Isla de Ometepe.  This threat is exacerbated by human activities such as burning, logging, and the introduction of domesticated dogs into the remaining areas of forest suitable for howler monkey habitation. These human activities need to be regulated more carefully in order to preserve threatened howler monkey habitat and populations.   In areas of fragmented and disturbed forest, howler monkey are forced to descend to the ground and cross open areas including fields, roads, and pastures.  As a result, they are becoming increasingly susceptible to dog predation.  Additionally, the creation of a howler monkey sanctuary on the island would help protect and conserve the local population, and allow for the care and release of injured monkeys back into the forests of Ometepe