Ometepe Bilingual School

Dear Friends,

We at Hacienda Mérida consider the education of Nicaragua's population of utmost importance. Education is a crucial force for change. Here in Nicaragua, education needs to be radically revised: only 2% of our children finish high school and 62% do not even reach fifth grade; as a result, 30% of the population is illiterate or semi-literate. As proprietor of Hacienda Merida, with a young daughter and son of my own, I strongly believe that we can make a difference to ensure better education for our nation's future. Our goal and commitment is to provide bilingual education on Ometepe that holds to International standards. This is critical, as currently 75% of tourist industry businesses are foreign owned and operated. The bilingual Nicaraguans our school produces will become the future leaders that will enable Nicaragua to reclaim ownership of our tourist infrastructure.

During the last five years we have facilitated the collection of more than 18,000 plastic trash-filled water bottles with a total combined weight of more than 3 tons. These bottles are being used in the construction of our first school building. We started construction in 2012 and have invested almost $10,000 of our profits in building construction, food for students, and the teacher's salary. 

We can not do it alone and are asking for your help. Please read the attached proposal and consider getting involved in this incredible long term educational initiative. The project currently needs to move forward with ground improvements including road signage in front of the school. Most of the local population, including the students, use the road for walking. The road will be paved within the next year, thus increasing the amount and speed of traffic passing the school. In addition, your contribution in behalf of Hacienda Merida will ensure sustainability by providing for electricity, clean chlorinated water, maintenance security, long term administration of the school and various cost overruns. 

Hacienda Merida will continue to actively engage in fundraising with our profits, visitors and writing grant proposals. The addition of classrooms and ground improvements of the bilingual school will set the stage for future funding for the completion of a fully functional free bilingual elementary school for children between six and twelve years old. The final long term project will take six years to complete and will house 72 students. Each eco-designed classroom will have a capacity of 12 children with one or two teachers in each classroom and will be part of the public educational system in Nicaragua. There will be no charge for food, supplies or tuition. Currently the school is run privately under the public school setting, thus allowing private individuals to get involved and improve the educational standards dramatically without having the bureaucratic and funding hurdles associated with public education.

Best Regards,

Alvaro Molina

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