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Educating the children of our rural community at the Ometepe Bilingual School depends on socially conscious global citizens like you and me to support our bilingual elementary education program and school construction projects.

Ometepe Bilingual School at Hacienda Merida provides free bilingual elementary education to children from the local community. Our vision is to have an alternative and self-sustaining educational system in Ometepe, an area of Nicaragua that receives very little government funding and where families live in poverty.

Educating local children is essential to their future and to the economic viability of life here on the island. By providing bilingual education we are equipping a new generation of Nicaraguans for further education, jobs in the local economy, and leadership in the community. Ometepe, like most of Nicaragua, has a fledgling tourist industry, which brings essential income to this poor region. Learning the English language prepares our children to someday earn their livelihood here in tourism or in other professions of their dreams. These efforts are helping Nicaragua move forward …led by the children we are now helping get a better education.

The school started as a local grassroots effort to provide an alternative to families with young children. We started as a kindergarten with just 14 children and have grown to a K-5th school with 85 students, with the support of Hacienda Merida, international volunteers, donors, and dedicated parents who volunteer to clean the school and school grounds, organize school civic and cultural events, and fundraise locally to pay a part time school lunch cook.

We expect to complete construction of our 6th grade classroom in 2018 and graduate our first 6th grade class in 2019.

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