Going back to Hacienda Merida after our sailing tour, The Maderas Volcano on the back ground


Hacienda Mérida is an accessible hotel.


We have made the commitment and investment to allow everyone to enjoy the beauties of Ometepe and to participate in our mission for sustainable and responsible living. The restaurant/sitting area has ramped access as do the rooms on the second floor (even if you are not staying up here, the view of the lake is beautiful and it's a great place to read). For the day visitor or dorm user, there is a communal bathroom, shower, and sink designed for easy wheelchair use.

Kayaking to Rio Istian and the Monkey Islands

To the Rio Istian (A Marsh)

It is easy to kayak to the Rio Istian swamp from the Hacienda Mérida. Just hop in a kayak with a buddy, paddle one-two hours (depending on your arm strength and wind) toward the isthmus of the island, maintaining a relatively close distance to the shoreline, and you will find yourself in the mids of a variety of large water birds, bats, and (possibly) the family of howler monkeys that live there. The swamp is not large but there are a few different canals to travel down and often you can see more wildlife if you just float patiently. It might be nice to pack a lunch, water, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

Courtesy of Erin and Ryan.

To the Monkey Islands

Kayaking is the easiest way to get to the Monkey Island even for people with little or no experience. The kayaks seat two people and life jackets are provided. It takes roughly twenty minutes to reach the smaller of the two islands, inhabited by three spider monkeys which were rescued from chains tied to trees in another part of Nicaragua. They have been living on the island for about 9 years. There are many more with the same history, mostly capuchin monkeys. The monkeys can be attracted by throwing food but be careful and don't get too close. THEY BITE VERY HARD!!! If you even get close to the rocks, they might jump into the kayak, especially if they see food. Also be careful under the trees because the monkeys might be hanging overhead. It is better to watch them from the kayak than go onto the island as the monkeys do become aggressive and bite. When kayaking, stay within 50 meters of the shore; if the wind picks up when you're far from shore, you could end up back in San Jorge. Check in and check out with the hostel office upon departure and arrival to ensure full safety. Remember, these monkeys are ex-pets for humans. As they are very accustomed to people, they can be very aggressive towards people. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THE MONKEYS!!! They were set free on this island to allow them to live out their lives in peace.

Don't Bump Into The Monkey

Kayaking in Nicaragua

This article, written by Lisa K. Harris was published in the April/March Edition of 'Tail Winds'. In this article, she describes her experience when kayaking in Lake Nicaragua.

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