Experience a Relaxing Day visiting The Mineral Springs (Water Eye)

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General Information:

Ojo de Agua is comprised of two pools-one natural and one artificial, both with a natural source of water. The pools are made with cement and rocks, with a sandy bottom—much different from a typical municipal pool. Ojo de Agua has a tropical feel and is surrounded by trees and plants. The water is cool and refreshing. There's a Tarzan swing too!

Getting there

Ojo de Agua is located on the road between the two volcanoes, roughly 2km past Santa Domingo. The entry fee is $5.00. Walk approximately 1 km from the entrance to the swimming area.

By bike: You can rent mountain bikes at Hacienda Merida. The ride to Ojo de Agua will take you approximately 1 hour. The road is rocky and sandy in some places so take your time and be careful. At one point, you can ride along the beach on the firm wet sand. Much easier than the road! Bring water and use sunscreen. It can be really hot in the open sun.

On foot: You can also walk, if you have the time. It will take approximately 3 hours each way, depending on your pace and physical condition.

By Bus: You can a local bus as well. There is one bus heading to Ojo de Agua in the morning, and two coming back in the afternoon. Be sure to check bus times (always approximate) at the hotel reception desk and be at the bus stop before the schedule time. Tell the driver "Ojo de Agua" ("oh ho day agua") to be sure they stop at the entrance.

By Taxi: The front desk staff at Hacienda Merida will call a taxi for you. This is a more expensive option but you'll get there or back much faster. The cost of the taxi one way is $20. If you want the driver to wait for you, the cost is an additional $7.00 per hour.

What to expect

Depending on the day, the atmosphere at Ojo de Agua can be quiet and relaxing or bustling with children and families. It's a very popular place with local residents, especially on weekends. Still, a great local experience and a good way to cool off.

What to bring

  • Bathing suit
  • Sunscreen
  • Water
  • Money ($5.00 entry fee and taxi/bus fees)
  • Sturdy shoes if you decide to walk or bike.
  • Snacks