Kayaking to the Monkey Islands

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Kayaking is the easiest way to get to the Monkey Islands, even for people with little or no experience. Kayaks fit 2 people. Life vests are provided. It takes roughly twenty minutes to reach the smaller of the two islands. The second, larger island is five minutes away. In the past it has been inhabited by capuchin monkeys that were released from pet captivity in another part of Nicaragua some years ago. Today we believe there are still two of three monkeys on the island.

Although you can attract monkeys by throwing food, it is not advised. Don’t get too close. Since they lived as pets in the past, they are not afraid of humans. The monkeys can be aggressive and they bite VERY HARD! If you get too close to the rocks on the island, they may jump into your kayak and ruin your trip, especially if they see food. Also be careful under tree branches. The monkeys can jump into the kayak from there too. It’s best to watch the monkeys from the kayak.

In general, when kayaking, stay 50 meters from the shore. The winds can be strong and push you all the way back to San Jorge. Check in and check out with the hostel when using the kayak, to ensure your safety.