Horseback Riding

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Ometepe Horses

Places you can visit on horseback.

  • San Ramon Waterfall. Great for wildlife and forest trails.
  • Petroglyphs at El Porvenir. For history and culture.
  • Santo Domingo Beach
  • Petroglyphs Dona Casta, located at the shore of Lake Nicaragua in the community called El Guineo. A slice of history and nature.
  • La Argentina - an agricultural tour in our village. See howler and white-faced capuchin monkeys and other wildlife. Enjoy great views from horseback on our beach!

How to make the most of your riding experience

  • Your guide will show you how to hold the reins for a safe ride.
  • Relax and try to get into the natural rhythm of the horse.
  • Watch out for thorny branches along the trail. To steer around branches, gently pull the reins in the direction you want to go.
  • If the horse starts galloping, shift your weight onto your feet and move with the horse’s movements. Pull back on the reins if the horse is going too fast.
  • Be gentle with your horse. Pulling too hard on the reins puts a lot of pressure on the metal bit in the horse’s mouth and hurts the horse.
  • Enjoy! You’ll have a great time!

What to expect

  • Great views on the San Ramon waterfall trail. Note: it's not safe for the horses to climb all the way to the top. $3 to enter the trail. If you get hungry, there is a restaurant at the base of the trail.
  • Stay with a group of equally-skilled riders. Mixed level groups can be frustrating for advanced riders and scary for beginners.
  • Horses available to suit all riding abilities and sizes.
  • Don't be surprised if you end your ride a little bit sore in the saddle. No worries! It’s all part of the experience.

Prepare for your ride

  • Wear long pants and boots or sneakers.
  • Apply sunscreen before and during your tour.
  • Bring insect repellent.
  • If traveling to the waterfall, bring the $3 entry fee and money for the restaurant.
  • Bring plenty of water.
  • Optional: hat or visor.