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Hacienda Merida

Formed by two volcanoes rising from the middle of Lake Nicaragua, Ometepe Island is a true tropical paradise that offers visitors a unique and fantastic experience. Hotel Hacienda Mérida (formerly one of the most important farms of the Somoza family) welcomes you with spectacular sunsets, beautiful views of the Maderas and Concepcion Volcanoes, a fishing dock, High Speed Internet, and direct access to Lake Nicaragua. Our hotel is the perfect place for an unforgettable vacation.


During high season, we offer a breakfast buffet. The options on our al la carta menu are available year round.

Beef consumption is one of the leading causes of rainforest destruction, resource depletion, global warming, world hunger, human disease, and animal suffering. We have made a conscious decision not to include beef on our menu.

Breakfast Buffet at Hacienda Mérida

The breakfast buffet at Hacienda Merida is second to none in value and healthy, filling food. You'll hear the breakfast bell at 7:00am telling you breakfast is ready. Grab a plate and pile on a variety of delicious foods. We have a selection of tropical fruits including pineapple, watermelon, orange, papaya, and banana as well as wholegrain pancakes with honey to get you started. For those of you who want a more Latino flavor for your breakfast, fill your plate with rice and beans and tortilla made with fresh vegetables and eggs. Don’t miss the fresh homemade granola bread. And of course, there’s coffee!

The perfect breakfast for a day of adventure!
Breakfast buffet: $6.50

Dinner Buffet at Hacienda Mérida

In variety, quality, and value, Hacienda Merida's dinner buffet is unmatched in Nicaragua. The dinner bell rings at 7:00pm to tell you the buffet is ready. Again, grab a plate and fresh fruit juice or tea, and help yourself to the wide selection of delicious dishes. No Latin meal would be complete without a generous helping of "painted rooster”/gallo pinto (rice and red beans). If you get tired of rice and beans, help yourself to the pasta (lasagna or cannelloni) and homemade sauce. There is always a fish dish made with the catch of the day. Our soup is served piping hot and full of fresh vegetables. Finish it off with fried plantains, salad, and don't forget our famous bread which is great dipped in our garlicky hummus. Remember, it's a buffet so if you're still hungry come back for seconds!

Dinner buffet: $9.00


A healthy diet is filled with variety, few processed foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. Our buffet menu has been planned with nutrition in mind and is structured to offer our guests both variety and nutrition. A large number of our buffet dishes are vegetarian prepared with veggies from our organic garden and are prepared with sustainability and healthy habits in mind. Although the focus of our meals is vegetarian, we also offer fish, chicken, and pork options. We choose our ingredients carefully. Our whole grain bread and brown rice are unrefined versions of white flour and white rice.

This means they retain more nutrients and fiber than their processed counterparts. Nutritious, delicious, and good fuel for you days of hiking, biking, and kayaking!